Liturgy of the Western tradition

About Our Parish

St Michael’s is a parish in the Orthodox Church, which is the second largest Christian group in the world. Most of our parishes are in Russia, Greece, Serbia, Romania and the Middle East.

Our Parish was formed in 1977, and entered the Orthodox Church in 1981. The congregation consists of people from the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area who come from various ethnic backgrounds: Mexican, Ecuadorian, Ukrainian, Russian, Palestinian, Eritrean, Lebanese, Indian, Greek, English, German, Irish, South African, etc.

Members from St Michael’s are involved in many different projects that help the disadvantaged and aid the Whittier community.

If you desire more information about St Michael’s Church, please feel free to contact our Pastor, Father John, by phone or email.

Please know that you are welcome to visit anytime. Our Sunday Mass is at 10 a.m., followed by a fellowship time that includes a full meal.

Life at St Michael's
Joining St Michael's